Thank you for considering donating to Elevating Humanity! 

We are so grateful for every donation.  We believe that the genius of the human spirit is not able to express its full potential due to widespread unresolved trauma. We aim to support as many people as possible to embark upon a healing journey and in so doing unleash their unique gifts. 

Every grand vision begins with a single step, and every donation we receive takes us one step closer to the realization of our vision.  Your donations will be be primarily used in two ways:
  1. As direct funding to individuals participating in our collaborative multidisciplinary care plan, allowing them to unleash their highest potential to express their own genius and find their own way to be of service.
  2. To create trauma informed training and educational programs for practitioners and the public regarding alternative therapies, harm reduction, integration and how to support others in their journeys with alternative/collaborative approaches to therapy. 

By donating to Elevating Humanity you are making a powerful statement:
that you support our vision of a new future for humanity. Thank you for your contribution.