Elevating Humanity was cofounded in October of 2019 by Lisa Wiley and Joshua Heath. The idea for Elevating Humanity really began many years earlier as Lisa tried to navigate the mental health system for treatment of complex trauma. Her journey involved many practitioners, including traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies. Each new therapy she encountered brought her closer to wholeness and healing. She talked with many people who had given up along their own path to healing because they could not find helpful therapies or could not afford them.

Prior to meeting Lisa, Joshua had spent many years of seeking healing through participating in talk therapy, 12 step groups and an array of personal growth courses.  Witnessing Lisa take on healing trauma through accessing alternative therapies in combination with traditional counselling inspired Josh to pivot and begin to face his own trauma with renewed optimism.

Together they spent countless hours immersed in nature exploring ideas of what would be possible if people had access to multi disciplinary collaborative mental health care and were able to afford it! These conversations became the cornerstones of what is being developed by Elevating Humanity. Their vision encompasses the goals of subsidizing mental health care and building programs to facilitate collaborative care amongst diverse practitioners.  

Our Board

Lisa Wiley

Lisa lives a quiet life tucked away on a remote island along the BC Coast with her partner and Elevating Humanity co-founder Joshua Heath and her two kids. From here she crafts her ideas and visions and sends them out into the world and beyond. She values kindness, integrity and wholeness and believes we are here by grace as part of the evolution of consciousness.

Joshua Heath

Joshua is a renegade visionary who has dedicated his life to awakening a new kind of humanity.  He lives a simple off grid life with his Partner Lisa Wiley on a remote west coast  island.

There they operate Peak Experiences Events, publish a weekly podcast called “Wild Love,” and are creating a healing retreat centre.

Dr. Hilary Nixon

Hilary serves as Deputy Executive Director for the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) at San José State University (SJSU) and is also a faculty member in SJSU’s Master of Science in Transportation Management program. She manages a multi-million-dollar research program focused on increasing mobility for all by improving the safety, efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability of transportation systems.

Dr. Nixon is an active researcher and educator specializing in transportation and environmental planning and policy. She currently serves as chair of the Area E Advisory Planning Commission in the Cowichan Valley Regional District, where she resides on a small farm with her family.