Elevating Humanity is a non profit society that began operations in January 2020. A key part of our mission is to create new, collaborative models for the delivery of mental health and wellness services. By providing subsidized funding to individuals in need, we help make access to mental health and wellness possible. Our programs are for everybody regardless of financial need.

Participants in our program begin by meeting with a “hub counsellor” who helps them create a plan for their wellness journey. Everyone’s journey looks different, and once a plan is made, we work together with the client to ensure that their personal wellness plan can be realized.

By working with counsellors and a diverse array of health and wellness practitioners to create an innovative, comprehensive & collaborative approach we are empowering individuals to make breakthroughs in their healing journey and unleash their gifts to better serve humanity.

We believe that unlocking individual human genius through healing trauma is critical to humanity evolving into a harmonious way of living.

If you have questions about our programs or would like to learn how you may be able to get involved, please contact us.

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