“The ego seeks to divide and separate, spirit seeks to unify and heal”

– Pema Chodron


Vancouver, BC

Christine has a Master’s in Counselling Psychology and
she helps people transform their approach to self-care and life as a whole. No longer is it about should, must or have to, it’s about an in depth discovery of where you are and what it’ll take for you to truly thrive. She’s all about helping people get in touch with their body’s intelligence, heart’s wisdom, clarity of mind and presence of being.

​She is located in Vancouver BC Canada and offers her work over the Zoom, Skype or by phone
Contact: (587)892-6977  | Website: http://www.christineyole.com/

MJ Vermette and Dean Richards

Ladysmith, BC

MJ and Dean offer a variety of sound therapies and workshops focusing on healing with music. Contact them through their website for in person and virtual classes and workshops.

Website: https://www.sacredfiremusic.com

More coming soon!